“ When you do everything yourself, you’re just a technician. When you get things done through others, that’s when you become a leader.”

/Ferdinand Fournier/

Old times managers needed to give directions, make decisions, and keep an eye on the wheel turning. In most cases, the black and white picture looked like that, life seemed more white and black. I think it’s because there was less competition, fewer requirements, the world didn’t rush as much as now. Today we face a bit different reality. …

Below you’ll find conclusions from the full Bulletproof habits article.

To set a lasting habit you need to follow the below guides.

Eliminate whims

Decide what you want — not what you’d like to have or be, not what you need to have to keep up with your friends, your neighbors, or with the current fad, but what it is that you truly desire. Focus not as much on possessions as on what you love doing.


Make a list, (on paper, in a file, or in your head) of your duties and your past time activities, and try to…

There are many theories about growing a habit and many studies on the subject. Which of those are truly successful?

I personally went through the ups and downs of growing various habits. I’ll tell you what went wrong with the ones that didn’t decide to stay with me, and what contributed to a lasting relationship with others (or the same ones previously ditched by an unsuccessful version of me).

So here comes my story. If you don’t have time to follow it completely just jump straight to the summary.

Episode 1
Veggies lover

I wanted to eat more veggies. Who doesn’t?
At first…

Here comes the ever-present law of attraction in yet another episode.

When we get into an everyday hustle and bustle doing all we can to change what gives us negative thoughts or experiences, it’s very likely, that frustration and exhaustion knocks on our door when the least expected. It’s because we’re shooting the messenger instead of taking care of the source of the message.

When we focus on what is wrong in our life, what we don’t have, or what we can’t do we take our jar with precious stones and fill it up with mud. Can you see the…

What characterizes proper feedback?

Leaders need to give feedback more often than they altogether make reports, check reports, work on improving results, or drink coffee (tea as an option). But, the same as in most other spheres of leadership, the quality of feedback makes a huge difference.

Good kind of feedback is like a steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake all in one. It points to wanted behaviors by showing the desired destination. …

Robin Sharma is the author of many great books. The below principles come from the book as in the title, I highly recommend them as I’ve been using them already before reading the book long enough to know they truly work.

SHINE is an acronym for:


We need to realize (see clearly) that our thoughts are just thoughts. What we focus on will grow. Our reality is what we embrace with our attention. If we let ourselves think, that people mean bad for us our mind will treat it as a reality and adjust our behavior to this view…

Go back to your morning — from today or from yesterday (if you happen to read this post still in the morning).

Now answer the below questions.

How did it go?
How did you feel?
Did you have time to feel relaxed?
Did you already feel the burden of your day ahead?
Where did your thoughts go and how did they make you feel?

Now go back to any of the mornings when you felt relaxed — can be a weekend or a holiday morning. Answer the above questions once again.

If you see the gap, especially if the difference…

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men and women to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

- Antoine de Saint Exupery -

This message is applicable not only to those who are leaders but to all people who need to exert a bit more discipline on their own minds.

If you are a leader with a team to manage, how do you manage them? You have KPIs to stick to and you implement actions to reach the desired level agreed upon the…

Responsibility is a word that may not bring pleasurable associations to some of us. Yet, it’s the first word (after mummy and daddy of course) that should be taught to a baby. This word should accompany us throughout our lives as responsibility means power.

Imagine you are a captain on your own ship. You have the best people to maintain it. You choose the weather and route for sailing carefully. I hope you do. You sail through considerably peaceful water, but when the first violent storm comes you leave the steers, let the ship drown, and blame it on the…

If you decide to leave events to fate or to take actions based on potentially favorable circumstances, you may never get to live the life that you want for yourself.

Bet your dreams on persistence. The below guidelines will help you get things done and understand why some of your attempts may have failed.

Every human being is unique, yet we are all the same. We are all the same in our core existence. We are all subjected to the same laws — both physical and those that go beyond physics. Understanding them and unveiling the nature of the ones…

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