It’s time to take responsibility

Responsibility is a word that may not bring pleasurable associations to some of us. Yet, it’s the first word (after mummy and daddy of course) that should be taught to a baby. This word should accompany us throughout our lives as responsibility means power.

Imagine you are a captain on your own ship. You have the best people to maintain it. You choose the weather and route for sailing carefully. I hope you do. You sail through considerably peaceful water, but when the first violent storm comes you leave the steers, let the ship drown, and blame it on the weather. Was the weather there to destroy your ship? Did the water do it intentionally? No. These are outside conditions that come and go. How you approach them is crucial for the outcome. Can you do anything to stop the storm? No. Still, you hold great power in your hands — the power to choose your own direction.

The same as the captain holds responsibility for his ship, you hold responsibility for your life.

What does complaining bring to the situation you find yourself in?
How does blaming all failures on others or on circumstances make you feel?
Do you feel more empowered when you swim in a desolation and self-pity sea?

I hope you got the right answers for the above.

With love, clarity, and purpose

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all you need to know to boost your personal development and leadership skills

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