Morning rituals

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2 min readNov 6, 2020


Go back to your morning — from today or from yesterday (if you happen to read this post still in the morning).

Now answer the below questions.

How did it go?
How did you feel?
Did you have time to feel relaxed?
Did you already feel the burden of your day ahead?
Where did your thoughts go and how did they make you feel?

Now go back to any of the mornings when you felt relaxed — can be a weekend or a holiday morning. Answer the above questions once again.

If you see the gap, especially if the difference you see is located in how you feel (relaxed or not), then you need to build a bridge to be able to move between the two states whenever you feel the need.

Every morning should be built upon a routine that will make it feel like a holiday. Put aside some time to one or a few of the following activities: read an inspirational book or a one from which you’ll learn something new, read a magazine from your favorite branch (not daily news full of negativity) feel grateful — you can write in a gratitude journal or meditate on good things in your life, exercise gently, eat breakfast in peace focusing on its wonderful taste.

Find your own routine — your bridge to a holiday mood. The most important point is to really book time for it. No matter how busy our lives can be, they are never too busy to start a day on the right side of power.

Take your time and enjoy!

With love, clarity, and purpose

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