Persistence is the key

If you decide to leave events to fate or to take actions based on potentially favorable circumstances, you may never get to live the life that you want for yourself.

Bet your dreams on persistence. The below guidelines will help you get things done and understand why some of your attempts may have failed.

Every human being is unique, yet we are all the same. We are all the same in our core existence. We are all subjected to the same laws — both physical and those that go beyond physics. Understanding them and unveiling the nature of the ones that influence our lives the most is a huge step forward. The step is a quantum leap in the direction of the pure joy of life.

Imagine a plant in front of you. Smell its pleasant fragrance and hear peaceful silence around it, or birds singing if you like. If you touch it the leaves are smooth and vibrant with life. You can experience it’s beauty because it has constant supplies of water and sun, and grows in nourishing soil. If supplies stop the growth stops too and the deterioration process starts. Our bodies, emotions, and thoughts work in the same way.

A good book, positive affirmations, a good attitude, and general respect and love for yourself and the people around you serves the same purpose in your life as water and the sun serves in the world of living organisms. It’s because all parts and particles in both material and non-material spheres of life have certain properties that behave like (or even equal) vibrations.

You know that an extremely high pitched loud sound can break a glass. The glass particles follow the vibrations of the sound and boom they go. Another similar example is how medicine works. When you take a pill, which is made of condensed substances to make it work quickly, the moment it’s absorbed into your system its strong vibrations impose certain behavior on your cells. Does it work? Yes. Does it make your cells will vibrate the desired way once the pill is out of the system? No. Why? Because the pills came into your body like an army — killed the wrong vibrations, but did not introduce improvement which would eliminate the reason why the wrong vibrations occurred in the first place.

That’s why revolutions are good as long as they are treated as a short-term solution — because that’s all that they are. If they’re not followed or replaced with evolutions, you’ll constantly end in a need for another revolution. Unfortunately, too many revolutions deplete our energy and decrease our willingness to start over again. In such case, frustration waits around the corner.

How to make a long-lasting evolution?

Don’t turn your life and your habits upside down in a short period of time. Introduce a small improvement at one period of time. When it clicks and you see it became a natural part of your life, you can move on to another one. More on habits here.

Small habits and small improvements that are consistently repeated will build grounds for more desired changes. Start small, grow big. It’s a law of attraction. The more good vibrations you introduce into your life, the more will come to you without additional effort.

Many factors like limiting beliefs or your own thoughts may hold you back from making any improvements. Learn more about how to deal with them on this site, or work on them with your coach.

With love, clarity, and purpose

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all you need to know to boost your personal development and leadership skills

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